Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure will be performed by a full orchestra and choir – over 100 musicians on stage with a complete range of various instruments and vocal soloists — and will explore the wide range of styles and interpretations of the Assassin’s Creed saga from the perspectives of the series’ many acclaimed composers. Nearly 100 different compositions will be employed in Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure in order to render the best orchestral experience in the world of video game music.


Assassin’s Creed games are known for their gripping narratives, with each entry providing not only a stunning continuation of the overarching plot, but also the powerful tale of an individual assassin that can stand mightily on its own. Similarly, Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure will delve into musical suites associated with each of the most popular protagonists allowing each to express its own story, while placing each member of the Brotherhood in the scope of their role in history over the course of a performance of more than two hours in length.


In Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure, each music partition is precisely synchronized with a giant cinema screen. Music, lights and storytelling are merged to offer the audience an extraordinary experience. Overlook Event’s narrative system allows the creators to achieve incredible synchronization accuracy, previously only achievable in pre-recorded environments. Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure is the next horizon in experiential orchestras, built from the ground up especially for this show — and for you!

Aymar Azaïzia
Transmedia and business development Director at Ubisoft
« This collaboration with Overlook will allow fans to immerse themselves in the rich and powerful world of Assassin's Creed, as a special celebration of the 15th anniversary. Overlook Events brings creative expertise to put together this symphonic concert, using high-quality special effects to enhance the immersion and deliver a thrilling Assassin’s Creed experience. »
Jesper Kyd
Composer of AC, ACII, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations & AC Valhalla
« Music has always played a pivotal role in the Assassin's Creed experience and I’m thrilled to join Overlook Events' Symphonic Adventure concerts in celebrating the music as well as mythology and rich stories told throughout the Assassin's Creed series. I hope you will join us for this exciting new concert production touring in 2022 and beyond. »
Romain Dasnoy
Creator & Music Director at Overlook Events
« I have always been passionate both about music and Assassin's Creed, and I am aware of our responsibility. It fascinates millions of players through its storytelling which shines in the video game industry. The captivating melodies of Jesper Kyd, the dynamism of Brian Tyler or the sensitivity of Sarah Schachner are iconic: thanks to them, video game definitely have nothing to envy of its theatrical older brother! »

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